Hoi An

To get to Hoi An involved a 5 hour bus to Natrang and then a sleeper bus. And who should get on our sleeper bus but our two northern lasses we had left in Laos! After attempting to catch up across the bus and pissing a few people off I settled down to my dairy… Read More Hoi An

Saigon City

Our 5th country in South East Asia, Vietnam! And one that we both were really looking forward to from the stories of other travellers but also one that was making us nervous. We had heard a lot of things going wrong for people in Vietnam from bags being ripped off shoulders, moped accidents and being… Read More Saigon City

Phnom Penh

After the gorgeous beaches and idyllic views of Koh RongΒ  it was a shock to the system when we arrived at Cambodia’s capital. Roads and pavements crammed full of cars, people and of course motorbikes. We managed to haggle down the price of a tuk tuk which took us all the way to our hostel.… Read More Phnom Penh