So finally after a journey that I don’t want to have to repeat any time soon, I am in Auckland,  New Zealand! 


I’ve been here 36 hours  now and I’ve learnt quite a few things already:
1. Auckland is not actually the capital (oops)
2. I suffer from jetlag and it’s not fun and makes you miss dinner
3. There are a lot of Germans in Auckland – well in my hostel anyway
4. I don’t like New Zealand water, give me Thames Valley water anyday
5. Kiwis are really friendly especially bus drivers when you’re the only one on the bus
6. Auckland has April showers in October
7. I’m a bit underwhelmed by Auckland. I mean I didn’t come to New Zealand for the cities but I was still expecting something different/exciting/cool. So far it’s been nice. Just nice. No wow factor.
8. New Zealand has a complex history both geographically and culturally. They had an interesting exhibition on the role New Zealand played in the World Wars to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of WW1 at the museum.


9. It’s very chilled out for a big city ie there is no rush hour heavy traffic?!
10. They love cross roads
11. There’s lots of lovely parks dotted around during waiting to be found (even with exotic greenhouses)


11. I’m really excited to get out of the city and into the country!


One thought on “Touchdown

  1. Yeah I remember being underwhelmed by Auckland! But don’t worry you will see the more beautiful places soon! Rubbish about the jetlag, hope you get over it soon xxx


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