Exploring Auckland

First stop was Rangitoto Island, a cone volcano 20 minute boat ride from Auckland.


I hiked to the crater and was rewarded with some cool views of Auckland and the surrounding islands.



I saw some lava Caves which were formed when the surface lava solidified over the top of runny lava.


The island was used as a lookout station during WW1 and remnants of this were found over the island.


The next day I found a really good french market which was full of locals. The food was amazing and being indecisive me I had to walk around several times tasting the samples before deciding finally!

Then I went to Mount Eden which is another volcano but this time on the mainland and surrounded by a residential area. The crater here was really big and the views again were pretty cool.



I walked back from here to my hostel with no map, just using the sky tower to guide me. It wasn’t the most direct route but it was cool to just wander through a city.

That’s about it from my whistle stop tour of Auckland. Laterssssss



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