Queenstown vibes

Well what can I say Queenstown is just about the coolest town I’ve had the pleasure of staying in.


Not only is it situated in the most jaw-dropping eye-popping location. I mean just look at these beasts of mountains.


But it is a hustley bustley smallish town full of life with such character. Such a difference from bland Auckland. I was really looking forward to flying into queenstown over the southern alps however there was so much cloud so I  only got tiny glimpses of what awaited me below.


I was picked up from the airport by my host family and immediately thrown into their crazy dynamic house. My current fam is 2 Kiwis 3 Germans 1 french 2 swedes 1 Canadian 1 black cat 33 horses and me. So no two days are the same, either in the weather, activities or jokes.


Yes we have a fire! And do we need it. I thought I was leaving the cold weather in England but boy was I wrong! In a typical day we could have snow, rain, sun, a million miles per hour wind and back to snow again.  The weather changes so quickly up in the mountains. But summer is coming or so I am told. (Fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later)



This is the view I wake up to everyday. Not bad huh! Think I’m gonna like it here in Queenstown!
Peace out xx


4 thoughts on “Queenstown vibes

  1. This makes me miss Queenstown so much! A few of my friends have the same view as you from their windows and balconies…very jealous! Keep posting your updates – can’t wait to see more pictures of those mountains 🙂 Debs x


  2. That’s a stunning balcony view! Do you remember the host family you stayed with? I’m planning on WWOOFing in the Queenstown area this coming January and am curious about potential host families!


    1. That’s exciting! Yes they were Kelly and Brent Duncan. Their wwoofing place is a horse trekking centre though so you’d have to be able to ride horses but it was an amazing place to work! Good luck for your travels!


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