Ben Lomand Mountain

So seeing as I work at Ben Lomand trekking centre on Ben Lomand station I thought it was high time I conquered The Ben Lomand Peak. It stands at 1750 metres above sea level. There are numerous points you can start the walk and u chose to start at Fernhill.

The first hour was along an uphill track next to the river called One Mile Powerhouse.




The track turned into a path through a dense pine forest which I had all to myself aside from some birds.


The track broke through into a golden moorland.



After an hour walking along the top of a ridge, the real “fun” began!


The last stretch up to the top of the hill was more of a scramble. But the view from the top was worth it.


Don’t let the shorts fool you,  it was very cold when I got to the top. I had about 10 huge snow flakes fall on me! From the top I could see Moke Lake and the base where we trek from.


I didn’t stay for long up there as the temperature plummeted.


Then began the descent. I don’t like going downhill at the best of times but going down scree was really hard and slow and long. Once you get to the ridge the going got better.


I went down down a different route via the gondola which goes up from Queenstown called the Tiki Shack which goes straight to town.


The walk in total took me 6 hours. Six long hours. And rewarded myself with a bottle of wine.


2 thoughts on “Ben Lomand Mountain

  1. Oh wow Amy, think I’m jealous! So great to be able to see what you are up to and see your fantastic photos. Is the sun ever going to come out?!


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