A day in the life of a WWOOFer

So I thought I would show you what i “normally” do everyday at the moment. The day revolves around what treks we have and the weather. I say normal in quotes as no two days are the same.


If I am on the early shift its a 7 am start leaving for The Base (where we trek from) at 8. Its a 20 minute scenic albeit very bumpy drive through Queenstown towards Glenorchy on a beautifully unpaved road.

I have to pinch myself every time I arrive at the office. Beats weightwatchers headoffice in grey Maidenhead anyday of the week!


Treks start at 9 ish so the first jobs of the day involve getting the horses ready to receive their customers. Before this however we have to find the horses. This is easier than it sounds. Firstly, the size of the paddocks are HUGE (see below, and thats only half!). Secondly, the horses look identical in the field (the majority are Standard Breds and are therefore all brown). Thirdly, there is about 24 horses in one field (and 9 in the second). However, we use quadbikes to get around and all the headcollars and rugs are named so once close up telling the difference is easy peasy.

Next it’s time to play with ponies and kit them out in their snazzy treeless western saddles which are super good for beginners as they have a horn to hang on to. The majority of customers haven’t ridden before and some haven’t even seen one in real life before!

Then it’s time for the customers to arrive where safety is first with helmets and a riding demonstration before heading out on their horse adventure.P1020874

Whilst the trek is out, all the other jobs can be done such as feeding, mucking out, cleaning the tack and brushes, feeding the ducklings, and theres even time for a snooze in the sun.

This is the current very awesome team with 6 WWOOFers and 2 paid staff (and Sy aka pusspuss).

If a guide drops a customer on a trek ie they fall off or the guide themselves fall off (this has definitely not happened to me…) they have to buy a box of beers/ciders/girly drinks for everyone! We had to limit it to maximum of one per week as it was getting quite expensive for some people (again definitely not me…).


Once the treks are finished for the day the horses have their pyjamas put on as it still gets super chilly at night (why, its supposed to be summer already!) and are put to bed in their super big field.

Then it’s time for us to head home to get ready for a big night out on the town or to get dinner and go to bed (the more likely option…).
That’s about it. Gonna love you and leave ’til next time.


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