Chiang Mai continued

The next day we met up with some people we had met the day before at the Elephant Nature Park. We got a taxi up the nearby hill to a temple at the top. The temple was beautiful as were the views of the surrounding area. After getting our fill of the Buddha statues and gold bells we headed back to town for a drink.



Unfortunately places don’t start serving alcohol until 5 pm so we had to make do with soft drinks for an hour. We went to a rooftop bar just outside the old city which was really chill filled with low tables and cushions.


We got a group of us together and went to Muay Thoai boxing fight. Having never been to any type of fight before whether it be boxing or karate it was an interesting experience. When the fighters first come out they take time to pray but as soon as the first whistle goes all calmness disappears and they’re a lean fighting machine. It’s very intense and took a while to get into it.


Then comes the “entertainment” break where a handful of boys are put into the ring, blindfolded and expected to fight. It was so bizarre. I didn’t understand why you’d need an entertainment break in a show which is supposed to be entertainment anyway. The boys then come around after as well asking for money which I think is very cheeky considering I paid 400 baht for my ticket.  I’m glad we went,  it was a surreal but very Thai experience.

The night then finished in a local club and 7/11 for a cheese toasty to finish our time in Chiang Mai.



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