Koh Rong but so right


After an intense few days at Angkor Wat and Siem Reap we were looking forward to heading to the coast to spend a few days on the beach. Due to bus times we arrived at Sihnoukville too late to catch a ferry across to the island so we spent one night there which was very uneventful. Early the next we caught a fast boat across to Koh Rong island and arrived in paradise.

The colourful local boats and jetty

Having escaped development so far all the guesthouses are wooden and bamboo buildings with the majority of accommodation being wooden bungalows. All the rest of the  buildings along the sea front where locally run and owned restaurants with a multitude of stalls selling boat trips. Unfortunately we heard that the airport on the island is 80% complete and the ring road around the island is nearly finished. They are hoping to make this the koh phi phi of Cambodia which is such a shame as it will ruin what is so great about the island.

Beach outside of our guesthouse

The first few days we were unashamedly complete beach bums. I read 2 books in 3 days. It was divine. In the evenings we had dinner on the beach eating freshly caught barbecued fish and enjoyed amateur fire shows at one of the 3 bars.


On the last full day there we took a boat trip out around the island. First stop was a snorkeling point near an outlying crop of rock. At the time I thought it was good but now I have been snorkeling in Koh Tao I’ve realised there are much better places out there. Next was attempting to fish. Attempting being the main word here. We were given rods and bait but no instructions so I fumbled along until an Ozzie helped me out. Apart from the guys running the boat only one other person  managed to catch a fish.

Snorkeling the turquoise waters

We headed to Long Beach next which as the name suggests is a beautiful long stretch of beach with turquoise waters and lined by lush green forest. As you approach it however you see JCB diggers and rollers, evidence of the road they’re building.  We spent a while here in the beautifully clear waters until the captain said grubs up. On the boat they had barbecued skewers and the fish they had caught earlier. I don’t think I have eaten fish fresher than that, it was delicious. We finished up the beers as the sun was setting and then it was to the last stop.

Long beach

Koh Rong and the surrounding sea is infamous for its fluorescent green plankton. We stopped in an area where it is particularly prominent and hopped in the water. They only glow if you disturb them so we spent the next 20 minutes swimming round with our hands out flushing the water. It was amazing when you found some, they’d give off a twinkle. It was swimming in your own firework show! At the same time we had a lightening storm above with forks of lightening going parallel to the ocean, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Such a unique experience.  Oh and then Jodi saw a shooting star just to make the moment even more perfect.

Another incredible sunset

The next day was our time to leave and it was such a hard goodbye. I literally had to drag jodi on to the boat kicking and screaming. Our Vietnam visas had an entry date on them so we had a time line to stick to otherwise I’m sure we would of stayed a lot longer…

Until next time!

Goodbye paradise

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