Same same Hue

A gateway to the Imperial City

Hue was a bit meh to be honest. We had a pleasant enough time here as our friends caught up with us again in the evening after their motorbike ride. The next day we headed off to check out the Imperial City which is the only real reason people come to Hue.

The intense markets

When we got there we were told the price of entry had significantly increased since our Lonely Planet was printed. We decided that it was too much to pay to see more old buildings and temples. It was a shame as our friend told us later it was actually really good and interesting. And it’s kinda the whole point of visiting Hue. So probably why we could it or leave it. We instead found a café bordering the river or moat surrounding the cities old walls to have an iced Vietnamese coffee. The afternoon we spent getting lost in a busy market before heading back across the river.

Coffee break with wifi...

That evening was spent getting dinner and catching up on skyping/blogging/reading. At this point in Vietnam I was fed with white bread for breakfast everyday and sometimes lunch too so I bought a packet of rare muesli to have with yoghurt for a quick and easy non bread breakfast. The next day was an early bus to Phong Nha-ke Bang National Park which I was super stoked for. Let’s get back to nature.

The wall and entrance to the old city

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