Bucket List

The more I travel, and the more I read about travelling, the more I want to travel. There’s just SO much out there, it’s kinda ridiculus. I sometimes have mini panic attacks that I’m not going to have enough time to explore all the places that I want to go to. But then “sensible” Amy brain kicks in and rationalises that I’m only 23 so I have a lot of time to have adventures. It’s not a race afterall to cram as much as possible in. So I have decided to write down my ever growing global to-do list that currently just resides in my head. By writing these down and sharing them, it also means that I have some responsibility towards completing them. I have tried to make them pretty specific, as I mean everyone who is passionate about travelling can write a bucket list of visit every country in the world, go to every continent…blah blah. I want my list to be specific to me. This is my bucket list!

Riding through the high country, the closest to LOTR that I could get!

Note: These are in no particular order of importance apart from the order of which they pop into my head.

  • Ride across the Lord of the Rings set, be a hobbit for a day and climb Mount Doom. Pretty self explanatory but that was one of the reasons I came to NZ, to gallop in the open spaces of Rohan *sigh* so romantic! However, in reality that’s been pretty hard to accomplish, I haven’t technically ridden on a a piece of land where it was filmed but I think I was close enough. Hobbiton and the Tongariro crossing are coming up. I WILL NOT BE LEAVING NEW ZEALAND WITHOUT A STANDARD PHOTO OF ME OUTSIDE A HOBBIT HOLE. That’s a promise.
  • Ride a Mongolian horse across the Mongolian steppe. This was inspired partly by a book I read by Tim Cope “On the Trail of Genghis Khan, An Epic Jounrey Through the Land of the Nomads” who rides from Mongolia to Hungary and partly by a travel blogger who took part in an organised trek across Mongolia.
  • Learn to snowboard in Canada. I’ve never skiied or snowboarded before (apart from one lesson on a dry ski slope but that doesn’t count) and I figured Canada is as good a place as any to pick up this new sport. Current thinking is to get a working holiday visa and work for a season there although Canada is notoriously hard to get a WHV for so I’d have to plan in advance a lot.
  • Volunteer with the International Citizen Service. This is an awesome program for the UK citizens which allow young people 18-25 to volunteer abroad with sustainable programs which actually help people (unlike all this voluntourism stuff that is getting so “popular” and is driving me crazy). Time is running out for me however, so I would have to get a wriggle on. I like the idea of going to South America to do it.
  • Run a campaign promoting sustainable and ethical tourism. This is something I am becoming increasingly aware of and passionate about. And I want to be able to do something about it.
  • Experience the natural wonders of Iceland. This small country has fascinated me for a while, and I can’t wait to go and get my physical geography geek on. And ride the special Icelandic horses. But that goes without saying really.
  • Witness the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Norway whilst cruising the fjords. Just looking at photos gets me grinning.
  • Witness the Southern (Aurora Australis) Lights in Antarctica. How incredible would it be to go to Antactcia?! However, it is expensive and there are tonnes of restrictions in place for actually landing – which I totally respect as it needs to be protected. I will settle however, for seeing them somewhere else like Argentina, South Georgia or New Zealand? (Funny thing is New Zealand is one of the best places to see the Southern Lights and they have put on an amazing show whilst I’ve been here, unfortunately they could only be seen on the South Island and I was on the North Island when it happened. Boo. Maybe this is a good excuse to come back though!)
  • Become proficient in a foreign language by diving in and living somewhere where they speak it. I am leaning towards French (France) or Spanish (South America). I definitely opted out of this when I chose to come to New Zealand for a year and its something I need to work on. Not necessarily learning a whole language, but just being brave enough to not be put off by language barriers. I hate being so ignorant and only knowing a tiny bit of french when all of the travellers I have met are so good at English.
  • Jump out of a plane at 15 000ft strapped to a person with a backpack also known as SKYDIVING! I’m hoping I’ll be able to tick this one off in a few months though…
  • Experience a magical hot balloon ride across the Serengeti during migration season.
  • Take my mum to see wild Elephants. They’re her favourite animal and it would be so awesome to take her to the plains of Africa or the jungles of Asia to see them in the wild as they should be.
  • Train for a crazy extreme(ish) sport event. I’m not sure what or where but I think it would be an awesome challenge. I like the sound of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (inspired by reading the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed)
  • Celebrate every Olympics with the hope of being in each city. I got the Olympic bug when I volunteered at London 2012 and I have bought tickets to some events for Rio 2016…
  • Backpack through South East Asia on a tight as budget with my sister from the North. I think I’ll need a whole other list just for this. But I hope highlights will include: the temples of Bagan in Myanmar, hanging out with ele’s at respected elephant sanctuaries, mopeding through Vietnam and diving in Thailand. Let’s see if I can cross these off by the New Year!
  • Go whale and dolphin watching. Somewhere. Anywhere. (Preferably somewhere with Orca… Antarctica? Norway?)

That’s what I’ve got at the moment but no doubt my list will grow as my travels expand.

Where have I missed that would be on your list?

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